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We strive to anticipate the ever-growing needs of the market, such as, affordable Fibre Internet Access or the likes,to support End user Subscribers. Streaming on-line content, accessing on-line security surveillance, business applications and automation has never been easier.
Developing an accessible internet highway to connect our end users with their needs to connect their Business's to the Internet of Things.

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Turning Customer Services into Customer Experiences

We provided a variety of fixed line data link types to facilitate the provisioning of Internet Access & Managed Services to our customers.
These data links provide high speed data transfer connections and are available across various connectivity types.

We take full responsibility for monitoring our solutions and managing all service level agreements(SLA) with 3rd party service providers to ensure high service delivery standards, prompt fault resolution and minimal downtime.


Great Companies are built on great Products

NetSelect’s data link solutions are made available through partnerships with a selected number of Carrier Networks & Fibre Network Operator’s.

Partnered with the leading Infrastructure Providers & Service Vendors to deliver Carrier Class, Fibre Optic Access and providing managed Broadband & Dedicated leased lines, creating a seamless link to connect our customers to their Service & Application Providers.

Results created through process and dedication

Looking for the right Internet Service Provider who can offer a complete family of Internet Services?

Look no further!

Driven by the needs of Business & Enterprise Connectivity.
Positioned to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to Business’s and Tenant’s, taking care and catering for the Internet of Things.
NetSelect will assist your business with Installation and activation of your Fibre Line.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get connected?

Our turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

Will I have to pay an Installation fee?

The Installation fee is free if you Commit to us for 12 months

Do I need a telephone line to use Fibre?

No! Our Fibre Installations do not require a landline and rather connects via optical cables that carry data.

Can I use my current ADSL router?

Probably not, as Fibre works very differently to ADSL. In some cases, you will be able to use your existing Wi‑Fi enabled router to spread your Fibre connection via Wi‑Fi. This will depend on which router you have and how the Fibre provider installs your Fibre.

How is Fibre different from ADSL?

Fibre transmits data with pulses of light over an optical cable and is far more reliable than copper wires. This also allows fibre to offer far greater connectivity speeds.
ADSL is dependent on copper wire infrastructure, which is often unreliable and can be slow if you have a bad line or are far away from your local exchange.

What if I don’t have Fibre in my area?

If Fibre isn't available in your area yet, we will capture your details and will notify you as soon as Fibre becomes available in your area.

Are your Fibre Packages shaped?

At NetSelect, our game changer is that all our packages are Unshaped and Unthrottled. This means you can enjoy the same speed ANY time of the day or night.

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